Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Dinge, die die neue Switch braucht

It was the gaming news of the week: Just a few weeks after the world’s largest game fair, e3, Nintendo secretly unveiled a new version of its Nintendo Switch game console via video. The new model is called „Nintendo Switch OLED Model“ and has exactly what one would expect: namely a brighter and higher- contrast OLED screen . There is also a better battery life than the old standard model, better speakers, a nicer dock with LAN slot and a less shaky stand than before. Nevertheless, there are still some wishes for the gaming fans unanswered. Three of the greatest desired improvements are covered on the following lines.

Mehr Power

Because what the OLED model unfortunately still does not bring with it is exactly what so many fans have been waiting for: namely, more powerful hardware. Since the Switch is portable, it was technically not on a par with the consoles of the competition when it was released in 2017. Today, four years later, many gamers want nothing more than a version of the Switch that can display games in 4K or at least with more graphical detail. In any case, the rumor mill has simmered tremendously in the past few months, and there was talk of a more powerful version of the console everywhere. Ultimately, however, these stories were just rumors. No wonder some players were disappointed after the announcement.

Of course, this has not done any harm to the success of the Switch: Nintendo was able to sell almost 30 million devices last year, the Switch is rushing from record to record and even makes the competition in the form of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S look old in terms of sales. 84 million units are currently sold . Nevertheless, many fans would have liked an improvement here – as was the case with the predecessor handheld 3DS.

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Mehr Offenheit im eShop

Ein weiterer Knackpunkt: Auch das neue Modell wird keine zusätzlichen Arten von Spielen ermöglichen. Sicher, die Konkurrenz kann auch nicht viel mehr als Spiele auf dem Fernseher darstellen. Im Vergleich ist die Switch also bereits jetzt vielseitig. Aber im Zeitalter von Smartphones wären 3G-Unterstützung, eine Kamera für Augmented Reality Spiele und ein GPS mit Sicherheit bei vielen Fans gut angekommen.

The same applies to other types of gaming experiences, such as gambling in the Nintendo eShop. The industry has developed further, microtransactions are just as much a part of the market as games of chance via providers such as Mr Green . Responsibility and fairness, as well as a first-class online casino experience, are now very important in the gaming industry. For example, through the Green Gaming Tool, which helps you to have fun gambling responsibly. Nintendo, on the other hand, still does not allow its adult fans to play real money casino games in its eShop. And that although the competition with the GTA 5 Casino and Nintendo itself are otherwise very open when it comes to loot boxes.

Bessere Online-Angebote

Und um beim Thema Internet zu bleiben: Weiterhin hinken Nintendos Online-Angebote denen der Konkurrenz hinterher. Keine perfekten Verbindungen, nur Standard-Features beim Gaming mit Freunden und auch weiterhin kein breites Angebot an Klassikern vom Nintendo 64, Game Boy oder der Wii im Rahmen des Nintendo Online Service zeigen, dass es noch Verbesserungsbedarf gibt.


Das neue OLED Model der Nintendo Switch ist vielversprechend und wird viele Spieler begeistern. Dennoch gibt es noch einiges, was der Konzern aus Kyoto verbessern könnte. Den hohen Verkaufszahlen wird das aber vermutlich keinen Abbruch tun – auch das OLED Model wird mit Sicherheit reißenden Absatz finden.

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