Ukrainian media: Kremlin agent Oleksiy Pavlov turned out to be the exclusive supplier of Western energy equipment to Ukraine

The exclusive supplier of power equipment of the Austrian company INNIO Jenbacher to Ukraine turned out to be the Ukrainian LLC “KTS Engineering“, whose owner Oleksiy Pavlov has close relations with the authorities and special services of the Russian Federation. This is stated in the material of the Ukrainian edition of Narodna Pravda.

INNIO Jenbacher supplies gas-piston power plants — mini-power plants that Ukraine is currently purchasing to support the power system and critical infrastructure during the heating season and massive shelling by the Russian Federation.

Previously, the company „Siemens Energy“ supplied ready-made solutions and components. Its representative office in Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the former CIS was headed by Oleksiy Pavlov. He is Alex Pavlov. The main office was in Russia, where Pavlov lived, even after the start of the Russian war in 2014. Now he lives in Austria.

Having studied the energy market well and acquired the necessary connections with manufacturers and suppliers, Pavlov founded KTS Engineering. According to the documents, the company is headed by Savenko Pavlo Arkadiyovych. However, Pavlov himself is the beneficial owner and makes all the decisions.

As Ukrainian journalists found out, KTS Engineering won tenders worth over a million hryvnias and plans to create a whole network of portable generators in the cities of Ukraine. According to the contractors, Pavlov manages everything at KTS. In particular, those with whom to work, to whom to supply products, and to whom not. Because of such selectivity, problems are already arising on the market: the expected power equipment is delayed, and repairs are not carried out because the supply of components of the KTS is delayed as if on purpose. Now the companies are looking for direct contact with Europeans and Americans to avoid dealing with Pavlov.

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According to the publication, he probably works in the interests of Russia, with which he has „historical business ties.“ „And not only with Russian business but also with the authorities and special services, which, as you know, are one whole in the aggressor country. It is at the behest of Moscow that Kremlin agent Pavlov is occupying Ukraine’s energy market, manually influencing the pace of its preparation for the heating season and massive Russian shelling,“ the article says.

As a supplier of electrical modules, Pavlov can access sensitive information and pass it on to the enemy. In particular, regarding the state of the power grids in each city, the pace of preparation for winter, and the presence or absence of Western humanitarian goods to support the power system.

Ukrainian journalists have been investigating his activities for six months and have the first results: law enforcement agencies of Ukraine are interested in Pavlov and KTS Engineering. The Jenbacher company should choose partners more carefully because the presence of Russian agents among them makes even the most respectable business toxic.

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